New Book Spotlight: “Chill & Prosper” by Denise Duffield-Thomas

Tuesday, July 19, 2022

Welcome back to my Reading Tuesday’s B.R.E.A.T.H.S. blog! The first week in July, first I put the spotlight on best-selling author Denise Duffield-Thomas with her books, podcasts, and money bootcamp. Last week, I discussed her first two money mindset books she self-published, “Luck Bitch” and “Get Rich, Lucky Bitch.” This week, I am putting a spotlight on her fourth and newest book, “Chill & Prosper” that is released TODAY! Grab your copy!

Pre Ordered & Received NEW “Chill & Prosper” Book

A few months ago, I preordered the digital version of “Chill & Prosper” so that when it was released, I would get to read it immediately! As I was typing this the night before on July 18, I looked in my Kindle Library, and guess what, it was already there (It’s July 19 in Australia where she is from). I will be flying most of the day, and I will have a great opportunity to finish the book before the day is over (using my speed reading and memory skills learned in the Kwik Brain program)!

“Chill & Prosper: The New Way to Grow Your Business, Make Millions, and Change the World”

After publishing three successful money mindset books, Denise has grown her multi-million dollar businesses, and was able to repeat her money mindset processes with ultimate success prompting her to create a new book about it. She took her third book, “Chillpreneur,” and updated it by making a NEW version (named after her popular podcast), “Chill & Prosper: The New Way to Grow Your Business, Make Millions, and Change the World.” Next week, I will post a conclusion and review. Stay tuned. 

To be continued…

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