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Tuesday, April 18, 2023

Good day Readers! Thank you for stopping by Reading Tuesdays of my B.R.E.A.T.H.S. blog where I spotlight my favorite authors who have helped me through different levels of self improvement. On Tuesdays this month, I will be sharing some newer authors (published in the last year) whose books have shifted my mindset, taught me about my own resilience, inspired personal change, and expanded my heart. The first Tuesday, I featured author Joe Polish and his newest book, “What’s in it for Them?.” Last Tuesday, I put the spotlight on first time author Amy Porterfield and her first new book, “Two Weeks Notice.” This third week, I am introducing a first time author, Rachel Pedersen and her new book, “Unfiltered: Proven Strategies to Start and Grow Your Business by Not Following the Rules.”


About the Author: Rachel Pedersen

My first time learning about Rachel Pedersen was recently when Hay House sent me an email on a list of books on sale that I might enjoy reading (thank you AI). I purchased her ebook “Unfiltered” and started listening to the audio version on Hay House Empower You app, all while taking notes and completing the action steps as I read. What drew me to this book is that it was a female entrepreneur who has similar self-empowered strategies to create and maintain successful businesses. 

After reading her book, I learned that she started from scratch as a single parent, found her strengths through weakness, and built systems that worked around her skills in social media, and created several businesses and streams of income to help support her dreams and her family. Her values are aligned with spending time with her family, balancing work-life experiences, and continually changing her mindset as she grows along her particular path where she can offer loads of insight to new entrepreneurs. She is perceived as the “Queen of Social Media,” has a large YouTube following, created a podcast to share her journey called, “Social Media Secrets,” has a blog, and her new book, “Unfiltered.”

New Book Review: “Unfiltered” by Rachel Pedersen

Everyone has a journey specific to them and Rachel Pedersen shares her journey through many different mediums that started with her purpose, her “why,” and breaking things down into bite-sized chunks of time. She doesn’t tell you how to do it in this new book, but she gives you examples on how you can shift your mindset to turn dreams into reality through systems that have worked for her. She was able to connect with her mentors like Russell Brunson, who wrote her forward, by using the strategies she describes throughout the book, “Unfiltered.” Rachel researched and studied how her mentors became successful then she began modeling their systems to create her own. As a social media queen, one of her biggest pieces of advice suggests “to be a content creator, not a content consumer. (Pedersen, 2022)” 

To help guide the reader and take action, Rachel included a PDF of notes and supplemental resources. The book really promotes journaling and gives prompts at the end of each chapter. Also included in the chapter take aways are reflection questions and action steps to move forward in starting your own business. For example, she has ways to create your own vision board, strategies to get started, list of free or cheap book resources, and tips on finding good mentors (Pedersen, 2022).

Highlights of “Unfiltered”

My favorite part of the book, “Unfiltered” is Rachel’s take on how everything is research, the world is ours to explore. I also enjoyed her wholistic and homeopathic suggestions about visualization, mindset, positive affirmations, meditation, being intentional, having gratitude, and journaling goals. One thing that I learned that was new to me was the different seasons for business and adjusting my mindset for each new season and the changes and challenges that are anticipated. Rachel touched a bit on mental health and that is when I really connected with her when she pointed out her struggles, it showed her human side. So when she talks about being authentic with your business, she is being unfiltered enough to show you her true self, scars included. What surprised me the most was what she mentioned towards the end about wanting to find ways to help fund sustainable farms as well as help the homeless with teaching them skills needed, those are two things very close to my heart. 


5-Star Rating of “Unfiltered”

⭑ Entrepreneurial  ⭑Incredible ⭑Hopeful ⭑ Encouraging ⭑ Helpful


Conclusion of “Unfiltered”

After reading “Unfiltered,” I am ready to start applying the knowledge to grow my entrepreneurial experiences. I now have an incredible journey to model after to start transforming my own life and encouraging others to do the same. I am hopeful that this book will help me take actionable steps that are aligned with my dreams and values.  If you are ready to take the step to entrepreneurship, I highly recommend reading Amy’s first book, “Two Weeks Notice.”


Thank you for reading,

Dr. Jaime Brainerd, E.d.D.



Pedersen, A. (2022). Unfiltered: Proven strategies to start and grow your business by not following the rules.  Hay House, Inc. USA, Australia, UK, and India.

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