Seeking Another Self-help Author: Rhonda Byrne

Tuesday, October 11, 2022

Greetings Readers! Thank you for stopping by Reading Tuesdays of my B.R.E.A.T.H.S. blog where I spotlight on my favorite authors who I consider my best friends because their words were the light that guided me through the darker parts of my life. This month in my Health Saturdays blog, I am discussing my self-healing journey. On Tuesdays, I will be sharing the authors whose books and films have shifted my mindset, taught me about my own resilience, inspired personal change, and expanded my heart. 

Seeking Self-help Authors

The first week in October, I shared about my first time finding a self-help author back in 2014,  Dr. Brené Brown. Her work on shame, vulnerability, and wholeheartedness, opened my mind and heart to seeking more authors like her. That is what brings me to this week’s author spotlight on Rhonda Byrne, Australian who is famously known worldwide for “The Secret” series of books and videos.  

Rhonda Byrne – The Secret Series of Books

Rhonda Byrne wrote six main books in “The Secret” series: starting with the 2006 film/book that the series is named after, “The Power” (2010), “The Magic” (2012), “Hero” (2013), “The Greatest Secret” (2020), and “The Secret to Love, Health, and Money” (2022). The series has five other accompanying books, the first three are for adults, the last two are for teens and kids: “The Secret Gratitude Book” (2007), “The Secret Daily Teachings” (2008), “How the Secret Changed my Life: Real People, Real Stories” (2016), “The Secret to Teen Power” (2009), and “The Power of Henry’s Imagination” (2015). Byrne also has two films based on “The Secret,” which I discuss below. 

Rhonda Byrne – The Secret Series of Films

What I didn’t know before writing this piece, is “The Secret” documentary film was first released in March 2006. The book later followed the same year in November, but I did end up watching the movie first. A sequel feature film was made in 2020 starring Katie Holmes and Josh Lucas called, “The Secret: Dare to Dream,” both of which I found on Netflix. 

Conclusion on How Rhonda Byrne Expanded My Heart

In 2014, I had started my self-help journey and I stumbled across “The Secret” while surfing Netflix for uplifting documentaries. Never had I considered pseudoscientific methods like the Law of Attraction for helping me to heal, but after scientific methods weren’t working, I was willing to try. So after watching the first documentary, I bought her first two books, “The Secret” and “The Power.” 

The latter book is what changed me the most, as it is based on the power of love and gratitude in all creations, and opened my heart even further than I had imagined. Every time I listen to “The Power” audiobook for inspiration, people and animals greet me with huge smiles. It seems the book raises my vibration, makes my light shine brighter, and attracts loads of love. My wish is to have the same resonating effect on others with my writings. 

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  1. The original The Secret changed my life. I am so grateful for having listened to a recording of just the audio again and again until I pulled myself out of a deep hole. Met my husband just weeks later. Thanks for sharing this blog review series to give people who have no idea where to begin a place to start.

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