Self Healing Journey: Concluding with Compassion

Saturday, October 29, 2022

Welcome friends, to Dr. Brainerd’s B.R.E.A.T.H.S. Saturday’s Health edition of my blog. For the month of October, I have shared the steps of my self-healing journey I started in the middle of 2018. Each year since, I have focused on combating a different metaphysical cause of pain. In week one, I shared my first lessons on love with the use of positive affirmations on the main areas causing me pain: anger, fear, and lack of joy (Hay, 1982).

How I Healed My Body

With Louise Hay’s “Heal Your Body” book, I charted all the dis-eases in my body and discovered most of my metaphysical causations were due to lack of love, however, I was able to go a little deeper with each of the three areas that keep showing up in my body. So in week two, I discussed the second part of my self-healing journey going deeper with my anger issues using forgiveness cleanse I created. Then in week three, I shared how I gift myself with G.R.A.C.E. when faced with any fears. Last week, I shared how I found joy in my journey. This final week, I am concluding with my lesson on compassion. 

Completing My Journey with Compassion

Each of the lessons to conquer my anger, fear, and lack of joy were very difficult to go through, but not compared to the pain I would have to face if I had done nothing. With each lesson, I gave myself compassion, and I learned how to give it to others in the process. The more love and respect I showed to myself, the more I was able to do the same for not just people, but animals, nature, and the universe as we are one. 

Full Circle of Love

In my first lesson of love, I stated that self-awareness is the key to healing, healing is finding out who we are, and WE ARE ONE LOVE. Every synonym of love is what I used on my self-healing journey: forgiveness, grace, joy, and compassion, and that is how I have come full circle in love. You may have noticed my signature phrase, “sending lots of love,” is because I truthfully mean it from the depths of my soul.

Conclusion on Jaime’s Journey on Self-Healing

When I first started this journey, I didn’t realize how much anger was in my heart, how my fears kept me small, and how lack of joy could cause me a myriad of diseases all over my body. What’s more, I carried these pains around for forty years before I decided I didn’t want them around anymore as they caused countless burdens on my mental, physical, and emotional health. With the help of all my medical doctors, several self-help author’s resources, and the intention to heal my body with whatever methods worked best for me, I was able to exercise the powers of love, forgiveness, grace, joy and compassion to find the healing Light within. Now, it is my turn to share the Light with you. 


Thank you for reading. I am praying for your health. Sending you extra love, light, and peace. 


Hay, L. (1982). Heal your body. Louise Hay, Inc.

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