Self Healing Journey: Forgiveness Cleanse

Saturday, October 8, 2022

Welcome to Dr. Brainerd’s B.R.E.A.T.H.S. Saturday’s Health Edition. For the month of October, I will be discussing my self-healing journey I started in the middle of 2018. Last week, I shared my first lessons on self-love, the resources, and listed the strategies I took using positive affirmations talking to my body to heal the metaphysical causes of my pains: anger, lack of joy, and fear. This week, I am bringing back an older blog post to discuss how I got rid of my pains associated with anger through a term I call a forgiveness cleanse. 

What is a Forgiveness Cleanse?

The cleanse starts with having gratitude, stating positive affirmations, saying forgiveness prayers, and ending with love. 

Step 1: Having Gratitude

When I am not feeling healthy, whether it’s mental, physical, or emotional, it is difficult to think positively and I don’t use the tools I know to feel better. I learned that the pains we feel are gentle reminders we are not on our lighted path and they will continue until we understand why they are here affecting us. Now when I have a pain, I talk to it, tell it I am here, and grateful for their message. Then, I start to think of more things that bring me gratitude like the rest of my body that is functioning properly, my breathing, and my heart beating. 

Step 2: Positive Affirmations

“Heal Your Body” Book (1982): In 2018 on my health journey, a friend of mine told me about the book, “Heal Your Body” by Louise Hay. This isn’t a book that you read like a novel, it’s a reference book you can carry around with you and use whenever you experience pain when the body is at dis-ease. You hold the book vertically, there are three sections: diseases in alphabetical order, the metaphysical cause, and the positive affirmation to say to help the pain go away.

Gift of healing: I purchased the physical book and carried it around with me on my trip around the USA. One of my friends was in the hospital when I met them and I left the book with them. In two weeks, they were healed and out of the hospital, and I gifted them the book. I bought a digital copy so that I can have access to it on all my devices.

Step 3: Forgiveness Prayers

When I worked with the “Heal Your Body” book, (1982) I found that most of the metaphysical reasons for my dis-eases stemmed from anger, fear, and lack of self love. I repeated the affirmations until the pain went away. The affirmations are like little prayers to self, yet I found that I needed to ask for forgiveness for myself and others to release the years of built up resentment, the negative stories that plague my brain, and the multiple diseases that consume me. This is what led me to start reading about forgiveness, I wanted to be free from hurt and misery. I found a couple prayers that have helped me to get rid of most of my pains. 

Ho’oponopono – Ancient Hawaiian Forgiveness Prayer (bc, 1976): This prayer came to me three times in 2020, so I was sure to take note and start practicing. I found the meaning of Ho’oponopono (bc, 1976) is to forgive and forgive again. This prayer works with others and self. When I have pain (with myself or someone else), I look at it if I can, and repeat the prayer to it. There are four phrases that can be stated in any order:

  • “I love you”
  • “I am sorry”
  • “Please forgive me”
  • “Thank you”

11 Breaths – by Stuart Wilde in “The Little Money Bible”: Once I was using the Ho’oponopono (bc, 1976). on myself, I tried it with my friends and family. I was excited to find something that helped me to get healthy, but not everyone was very receptive to my strategies, and that was okay. We are all on different paths of our health journey and some may not understand just yet. This is where I found the 11 Breaths strategy by Stuart Wilde (1998) to use on other people. 

Steps to 11 Breaths to Forgiveness (created by me by combining the two prayers): Sending love and light to people to wish them well. 

  • Visualize the person in the palm of your hand
  • State the Ho’oponopono (bc, 1976) to them
  • Breathe in a long breath and release into their heart
  • Repeat the breaths 11 times
  • On the 11th breath, hold your other hand up to your mouth and blow them away stating,”I release you with love and Light, go in peace, all is well, please go” (Wilde, 1998). 

Step 4: Love

On my health journey with the practice of the forgiveness prayers, I have found that we are all one love, one Light, from one Source. We are all reflections of ourselves, brothers and sisters in Spirit. I found the more I show love to myself by being aware of my pains, having gratitude for life, and saying prayers of forgiveness, the more I find love in everyone else. As a result of love, my pains start to fade away and eventually disappear. 

Forgiveness Cleanse Conclusion

My goal with the forgiveness cleanse was to help heal my pains associated with anger: abscesses, blisters, boils, cuts, infections, and inflamed joints. Throughout the years, I have tried many different cleanses to get healthy, and none of them worked. I have also seen several medical doctors, taken medications, received therapies, read books, watched videos, and prayed for better health. In the most recent years, I have stretched my knowledge by seeing a variety of practitioners, got off medications, no longer needing therapy, keeping up with new books/videos, and being grateful for how my health has improved.


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