Self-care Sunday: How to Pick Myself Back Up

Sunday, April 16, 2023

Welcome to Spring friends, thank you for stopping by my Self-care Sundays B.R.E.A.T.H.S. blog where I share a variety of self-care strategies that bring me joy. The first week, I shared some Spring-time self-care strategies. Last week, Sunday fell on Easter, so I shared some Family fun. This week, I quite literally got stuck in a rut with my car and it has really brought my spirits down being out of commission. So how do I pick myself back up?

Not Every Sunday is Sunny

Does that dark cloud seem to be following me everywhere? It sure feels like it. All of my previous Self-care Sunday posts have been positive and uplifting, but what about the days that aren’t so merry and bright? I am human and go through good times and bad, just like anyone else. So what are my self-care strategies to help guide me back to the light?

    • Reading or listening to a good book – I know I always feel better after reading and it helps to keep my mind busy.

    • Taking a walk in nature – getting fresh air and some vitamin D is a good way to get grounded and reconnected.

    • Calling a friend – our loved ones who know us best can be great sounding boards.

    • Taking a bath – relaxing in a tub with some bath salts, maybe candles, and soothing music.

    • Painting a picture – art therapy is known to help brighten the mood.

    • Playing a game or puzzle – strategizing with games or puzzles can help free the mind, especially if it is done with a loved one. 

    • Dancing – putting on some good music to get the body moving.

Small Steps

Even some of those strategies mentioned might be too tough to do if I just really want to stay in bed and hide from the world. I have found that breaking tasks down into bite-size pieces can help me get better motivated. When I get overwhelmed like this, I try finding the smallest action I can take:

    • Reading – reading one line, maybe a paragraph.

    • Walking – just putting on walking shoes, maybe also some gym clothes.

    • Talking to a friend – instead of calling, maybe write a letter, or send a text.

    • Foot soak – maybe a bath or shower is too much, so just start with a warm bowl of water to soak the feet.

    • Drawing/doodling – sometimes getting out paint materials can be daunting, so just grabbing some paper and a writing tool can help let the creative juices flow.

    • Solitaire or phone game – if alone, try playing a game of solitaire or a game on the phone. 

    • Listening to music – perhaps dancing isn’t your vibe, try listening to some uplifting music instead. 

Conclusion on Picking Myself Back Up

Some days, depression, anxiety, and fears set in making it gloomy and dark. When that happens, it’s nice to have some reminders on how we can pick ourselves back up. Today is one of those days and I hope that this post can shed some light on those darker moments. 


Sending lots of love and light,

Dr. Jaime Brainerd, E.d.D.


About the Author

Dr. Brainerd

Hello, I am Dr. Jaime Brainerd Ed.D., a lifelong learner, beauty consultant, author, financial specialist, artist, traveler, health enthusiast, and self care advocate. Please follow my website for my B.R.E.A.T.H.S. blogs.

One thought on “Self-care Sunday: How to Pick Myself Back Up

  1. There are so many of these that work very fast to lift me up but perhaps the best is the walk in Nature. First the fresh air, breathing deeply is so great for the mind as the brain gets fresh air, second I lightly study nature as I walk, kind of thinking of a painting I might do later in the morning along the lines of Monet or Van Gogh. And your art comes to mind as well because although I have a few creative hobbies painting with acrylic on canvas board is the first love. As an octogenarian it is very important that I keep the steps you listen on a little card by my computer so I can kick start my mornings. Thanks for sharing, I am looking forward to your Thursday Art Article.

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