Learning to Be Limitless: Review of Intensive Life Publishing “Workbook for Jim Kwik’s Limitless”

Tuesday, June 15, 2021

Welcome to my Reading Tuesday’s B.R.E.A.T.H.S. blog. This past month, I dove into Jim Kwik’s “Limitless” book using an unofficial workbook by Intensive Life Publishing, “Workbook for Jim Kwik’s Limitless.” The workbook is written in four parts, so I covered one part each week during May, giving my personal insights on becoming limitless by reflecting, setting goals, and taking action. Jim’s #1 message that came through to me while I first listened to his book was to teach what I learn and that is what I am here to do with this blog. After deep diving into the “Limitless” book, I shared my official review last week. This week, I am going to share my review of the Intensive Life Publishing workbook.

Thought Process on Purchasing “Workbook for Jim Kwik’s Limitless”

Before I get to the workbook review, I thought it was necessary to let the reader know why I chose it in the first place. After listening to the “Limitless” audiobook twice while traveling, I realized I wanted to remember more, comprehend better, and read faster. However, this was difficult to do without reading actual print and taking notes of what I learned, as pointed out in Jim’s “Limitless” book. 

When I was on a break from traveling, I looked on Amazon for any workbooks that could accompany my deep dive into Jim’s “Limitless” book. I found a bunch of summaries by other authors and only one workbook that was published, August of 2020, the one I am currently reviewing. As of today’s date, there is one more by another publisher that came out recently. I did not find any other books or workbooks by Jim Kwik and his publishing, so I decided the $9.99 was worth it, so I purchased the unofficial guide to the “Limitless” book. 

Introduction to “Workbook for Jim Kwik’s Limitless”

The workbook takes the 15 chapters of the “Limitless” book and breaks it down into four parts, and I have reviewed each one in my Reading Tuesday’s blog: 

PART 1 – Free Your Mind (Chapters 1 – 4)

PART 2 – Limitless Mindset: The What (Chapters 5 & 6)

PART 3 – Limitless Motivation: The Why (Chapters 7 – 10)

PART 4 – Limitless Methods: The How (Chapters 11 – 15)

Each of the four parts breaks down the chapters for the reader by including:

  • Summary of the chapter
  • The author’s takeaway 
  • Points for reflection
  • Goals
  • Action steps 

Highlights of “Workbook for Jim Kwik’s Limitless”

Chapter summaries were helpful to fill in bits and pieces of the “Limitless” book that may have been lost while reading. The analysis from the author’s perspective was a good guide of what to expect in each chapter. The points for reflection gave the reader insight into the main ideas Jim Kwik was sharing in his book and had them jot down their perspective. The goals asked the reader to apply what they have learned on their “Limitless” journey. The action steps give the reader ideas on how to move forward with their journey. 

Downfalls of “Workbook for Jim Kwik’s Limitless”

The chapter summaries were helpful, but I don’t believe they covered enough points Jim was trying to get across to the readers. The author’s takeaway was nice to have a different perspective on the reading, however, I had much deeper analysis when I took “Limitless” notes while I read the book on my own. The points for reflection, goals, and action steps were a lot of work after 15 chapters, and they didn’t quite cover all the main takeaways I had while reading “Limitless.”


In hindsight, I would have NOT purchased the “Workbook for Jim Kwik’s Limitless,” and would not recommend it either. Although the workbook was a decent summary and had me do a lot of thinking, I believe I got more information out of the actual book. “Limitless” is stocked full of memorable alliterations, acronyms, tips, and things to ponder before moving on to the each chapter. To top it all off, Jim Kwik adds on a bunch of extra support, a 10-Day Kwik Start Plan found in the back of the book (eBook or physical copy), and the 5-Day Reading Challenge he had to celebrate his book’s one year anniversary. Each of these two “Limitless” book support programs helped me to deep dive into the book, while the workbook was more of a skimming the top type of experience. For more authentic and “Limitless” experiences, I will be reviewing both of those programs the next two weeks in June. 

Rating of “Workbook for Jim Kwik’s Limitless” – 3 Stars



Thought provoking

That wraps up my review for “Workbook for Jim Kwik’s Limitless.” I hope that you have enjoyed reading about it and are inspired to dive into it to find your “why,” and how you can upgrade your brain, read faster, comprehend more, and improve memory recall with any of the official Jim Kwik resources. 

Best of luck on your limitless journey.

Dr. Jaime Brainerd, Ed.D.

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  1. Looking forward to your reviews on these programs. As for Part 1, Free you mind, that is something I may have to look into. Thanks for sharing.

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