Learning to Be Limitless: Review of 10-Day Kwik Start Plan in “Limitless” Book

Tuesday, June 22, 2021

Welcome to my Reading Tuesday’s B.R.E.A.T.H.S. blog. This past month, I dove into Jim Kwik’s “Limitless” book and unofficial workbook by Intensive Life Publishing, “Workbook for Jim Kwik’s Limitless.” Jim’s #1 message that came through to me while I first listened to his book was to teach what I learn and that is what I am here to do with this blog. After deep diving into the “Limitless” book, I shared my book review and also the review of the workbook. This week, I am going to review the 10-Day Kwik Start Plan in the back of the “Limitless” book to help readers get started on their limitless journeys.

10-Day Kwik Start Plan

This program is listed in the back of the book intended to give readers a guide on how to implement everything we learned in the book, which is loaded with tons of powerful life-changing information. Jim suggests we follow all ten days or just pick the ones we need to strengthen our three main areas: mindset, motivation, and methods. I am going to summarize what each of the ten days entail and give my perspective on the 10-day Kwik Start Plan.

Day 1: Learn F.A.S.T.E.R. 

To learn F.A.S.T.E.R., Jim uses this acronym in chapter 4 of “Limitless” to help us remember these keys:

F – Forget what I know, what is not urgent, and my limitations

A – Act by taking/making notes and doing the book exercises

S – State of being is important to check on constantly

T – teach to cut the learning curve (that is what I am doing here)

E – enter daily reading tasks on the calendar to ensure I will see them 

R – review and reflect after each lesson

Day 2: Kill Your A.N.T.S.

In chapter 8 of “Limitless,” Jim tells us to identify our automatic negative thoughts or A.N.T.S. Stand up to those limiting beliefs and negative words that don’t serve my higher purpose. Also, be aware of the limited ideas entertained or L.I.E.s. 

Day 3: Question Your Questions

Similar to identifying my negative thoughts/beliefs, identify those burning questions. In Chapter 4 of “Limitless,” Jim talks about how knowledge is a potential power where we must understand our questions so we can change our behaviors. Knowledge is no good unless we start to put it into action. 

Day 4: Imagine What You Want Most

I cannot get what I want until I know what I want and what I will miss out on. In chapter 7 of “Limitless,” Jim suggests writing down all the disadvantages I will have if I don’t apply what I have learned from his book. Next, he suggests I write a list of all the advantages I will have when I apply what I have learned from this book. Visualize being successful (I have created a monthly vision board) and celebrate small victories (doing my happy dance!). 

Day 5: Consider Your Purpose

What is my WHY, my purpose for being on this earth? In chapter 7 of “Limitless,” Jim asks us to consider our purpose (family, love, money), get specific and write them down. Next, he suggests making a list of who I am letting down by my restricting limits and not following my purpose. 

Day 6: Start a New Healthy Habit

In chapter 9 of “Limitless,” Jim suggests taking small simple steps (S.S.S.) to change my daily habits. Write down habits I want to improve upon and pick one a month. Any more and I might not commit. I want to slowly build habits (at least 21 consecutive days) such as eating right, exercising, meditating, and making progress towards bigger goals. 

Day 7: Give Your Brain Some Energy

I can win each day when I have the energy. In chapter 8 of “Limitless,” Jim suggests some foods can lower my energy, some can raise it. Write down all the foods I eat and start adding brain foods to my daily intake and removing oily, fatty, processed foods. 

Day 8: Optimize Your Study

We are lifelong learners and must be in the optimal state to learn. In chapter 12 of “Limitless,” Jim suggests removing distractions using the H.E.A.R. acronym: halt, empathy, anticipate, review. Practice using this strategy while watching a short TED Talk I have never seen and really listen and take notes. 

Day 9: Always Remember M.O.M.

Before beginning tasks, in chapter 13 of “Limitless,” Jim suggests you check with M.O.M. (motivation, observation, and methods) and my why. Practice remembering strangers, exercise your memory muscle. 

Day 10: Embrace the Power of Reading

Set daily reading goals, minimum ten minutes. In chapter 14, Jim suggests picking a book, setting a timer, getting rid of distractions, reading with a visual pacer (maybe music to drown out the voice reading along), taking notes, and making notes to help me remember. Leaders are readers, read every day. 

Review of 10-Day Kwik Start Plan

Jim Kwik offers an abundant amount of ideas and it is nice that he broke up some of the main ones to get readers started on building their limitless lives. I liked the 10-day Kwik Start plan because it was small simple steps (SSS) and not overwhelming. The plan also worked well as a reminder of all the great things I learned and I use the notes from the plan and my reading to refresh and renew my memory. After completing the plan, I still felt that I wanted more support on my reading, specifically speed reading. So, I decided to purchase Jim’s 21-day speed reading course, which I will review at a later date when I have completed the program. In conclusion, I appreciate that Jim Kwik has so many support programs linked to his “Limitless” book that really helped me to better understand all the concepts and start putting them into action. Next week, I will share Jim’s 5-Day Reading Challenge he had to celebrate “Limitless” book’s one year anniversary back in April, yet another program he has shared with his readers to help inspire them on their limitless journeys.  

Thank you for reading and following along on my limitless journey,

Dr. Jaime Brainerd, Ed.D.

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  1. This is a thorough review of this program. It sounds like it is really working for you! I look forward to your next installment about that book!

  2. This sounds like an excellent program! Of the 10 steps, #6 jumped out at me. Of my healthy habits I’ve got healthy eating down but I need to stop procrastinating and and healthy exercising. That’s one challenge I can’t seem to get to.

  3. I like the review of the book Limitless your way.Its very helpful .I would love to know about the reading challenge.

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