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Monday, June 21, 2021

Welcome to my Beauty Monday’s B.R.E.A.T.H.S. blog. Since 2004, I have been using Beauty Society products, starting with their facial skincare line in my mid twenties. Now after 17 years, they have expanded their beauty products to include makeup, facial care, beauty tools, body care, hair care, hand/foot care, fragrances, men’s line, and a monthly Beauty Box subscription. Into my mid forties, I still continue to look and feel fabulous using the same Beauty Society products line, and we keep getting better with age 😉 

Me wearing “Committed” Lip Nirvana

Glamming Up Your Eyes with Beauty Society

The first Beauty Monday in June, I discussed how I start glamming up my face with Beauty Society facial primers, foundations, powders, and blushes. Last week, I showed you different Beauty Society Eye Cosmetics and other eye enhancing products. This week, I will show you my Beauty Society lip products. Below are the Beauty Society lip cosmetics and lip enhancing products with descriptions and the order I use or apply them.

Beauty Society Lip Routine

Discover our smudge-free and long-lasting matte lipsticks and our highly-pigmented lip gloss. Wear them alone or together! Try our lips scrubs and lip balms for smooth and soft lips, naturally! Before I put on any lip cosmetics, I give myself some proper lip treatment with lip scrub and soothing lip balm. 

Lip Job – Sugar Lip Scrub

Rub it on, lick it off! Lip Job scrubs are not only delicious but are excellent lip exfoliators. Here’s to a lip job you’ll surely never regret with six of our delicious flavors. 

*gluten and milk free.

  1. Cake Batter Sugar Lip Job Scrub
  2. Latte, Brown Sugar Lip Job Scrub
  3. Orange Crush Sugar Lip Job Scrub
  4. Watermelon Sugar Lip Job Scrub
  5. Green Apple Sugar Lip Job Scrub
  6. Prosecco Sugar Lip Job Scrub

Paradise – Lip Balm

Made with an exotic blend of soothing Tahitian Monoi oil, Polynesian Tamanu oil, South American Babassu oil and Brazilian Cupuacu oil your lips will be smoother and softer than ever before. Protecting and nourishing your lips with these powerful, tropical and all-natural vegan ingredients will keep your lips youthful, soft and beautiful for years to come. Fair warning: this may become your all-time favorite lip product! I apply the lip balm after the lip scrub to soothe my fresh lips with four different tropical flavors.

Lip Pencils

Beauty Society Lip Pencils come in three different colors and a built-in sharpener. Match the perfect shade to blend with our matte lipsticks. 

  1. Date Night Lip Liner Pencil
  2. Red Hot Lip Liner Pencil
  3. Day Job Lip Liner Pencil

Lip Nirvana – Matte Liquid Lipsticks 

Lip Nirvana matte lipsticks are smudge-free and long-lasting. The unique texture prevents color from bleeding and makes it versatile enough to be worn alone or combined with Lip Glisten colors. Lip Nirvana will glide on with ease, leaving your lips feeling soft, supple, and sexy all day long. Combined with an LED applicator and mirror, Lip Nirvana is the ultimate cosmetic accessory and now comes in 13 different colors!

  1. Bali Matte Liquid Lipstick This is a shade that will instantly transport you to a tropical destination. ‘Bali’ is the perfect everyday color, mixing light coral, peach, and nude all together to create the ultimate trifecta!
  2. Committed Matte Liquid Lipstick This is a beautiful cherry red that will compliment every skin tone. Matches perfectly with Be Mine Lip Glisten!
  3. Dusty Matte Liquid Lipstick This is a brown hue. Matches perfectly with Twisted Lip Glisten!
  4. Posh Matte Liquid Lipstick This is pigment-loaded lilac that glides on in just one swipe, getting you out the door and to the party quicker!
  5. Reckless Matte Liquid Lipstick Just as the name implies! She is BOLD.  She is FIERCE. She is EMPOWERED.  A Fuchsia frenzy that every woman needs!
  6. Splendid Matte Liquid Lipstick Splendid is the perfect go-to nude when you are looking for a laidback, playful summer look. Matches perfectly with Namaste Lip Glisten!
  7. Supernova Matte Liquid Lipstick This rose gold iridescent shade is sure to be the new shining star of your makeup collection. A perfect fusion of light pink pearl and champagne. Supernova can be worn alone or paired beautifully as a topper for any of our Lip Nirvana shades!
  8. Trixie Matte Liquid Lipstick The perfect rosy pink is here! Its velvety smooth formula allows it to glide on easily, allowing you precision and color so sweet and matte, it’ll hug the curves of your lips all day long.
  9. Unicorn Matte Liquid Lipstick Unicorn is a warm pink that will effortlessly go with almost any outfit or occasion! Matches perfectly with Sass Lip Glisten!
  10.  Uptown Matte Liquid Lipstick Uptown is a subtle brownish rose color. 
  11. Vacay Matte Liquid Lipstick Vacay is a bright vibrant pink, perfect for spring and summer! Matches perfectly with Girl Power Lip Glisten!
  12. Worship Matte Liquid Lipstick Worship is muted rosy pink. Matches perfectly with Lust Lip Glisten!
  13. Pinkaboo Matte Liquid Lipstick Pinkaboo is our lightest Lip Nirvana shade consisting of a velvety smooth, bright peachy nude. 

Lip Glisen – Highly Pigmented Lip Gloss

Each highly pigmented shade of Lip Gloss combines rich color with the sensual shine of a minty-fresh gloss. The unique texture prevents the color from bleeding and makes it versatile enough to be worn alone or over other lip products. Lip Glisten will glide on with ease, leaving your lips feeling soft, supple, and sexy all day long in 10 glistening colors. 

  1. Be Mine Highly Pigmented Lip Gloss
  2. Girl Power Highly Pigmented Lip Gloss
  3. Lust Highly Pigmented Lip Gloss
  4. Namaste Highly Pigmented Lip Gloss
  5. Poser Highly Pigmented Lip Gloss
  6. Sass Highly Pigmented Lip Gloss
  7. Twisted Highly Pigmented Lip Gloss
  8. Vamp Highly Pigmented Lip Gloss
  9. Far Out Highly Pigmented Lip Gloss
  10.  Eye Candy Highly Pigmented Lip Gloss

Crush – Lip and Cheek Tint

We are so excited that you are one of the first to ever try our new Crush Lip & Cheek Tint! We love an all-natural look of beauty and this new crush of yours is soon to become part of your daily routine. Swipe it onto your lips and rub them together to put the perfect amount of natural looking color onto your kisser. Dot it a few times onto the apple of your cheeks and blend in right away with your fingertips for a perfectly blushing appearance.

Worth It – Lip Plumper

These days big, full, and supple lips have never been sought after more! Women of all ages are going to extremes to get a full and pouty lip look, including expensive injection procedures. We are more than excited to have developed a true breakthrough in lip plumping. Our new plumping gloss will give you immediate and long-term results of pretty, full, and youthful lips. 

Vault Worth It – Tinted Lip Plumper

Our state-of-the-art formula includes ingredients that will make your lips fuller within minutes and keeps them feeling good with added calming and cooling properties. We have also added anti-aging ingredients that will hydrate your lips, including Advanced BTX, which is clinically proven to increase your lips’ volume. This product is a complete game-changer. There is nothing like it, and you are the first in the world to experience the power of this breakthrough beauty product

Beauty Society 30-Day Money Back Guarantee on Makeup 

Our company was founded on the premise that being a company with a conscience meant 100% customer satisfaction. With that lofty goal, Beauty Society has always provided a 12 month return or exchange policy on our skincare products and 30 days on cosmetics and fragrance. This policy stands to this day and we are elated to have an unbelievably low return rate along with having achieved our 100% satisfaction goal. We have the cleanest reputation in our business, because we care.

How To Find Out More About Beauty Society Products

I became a Beauty Advisor to learn how to take care of my skin, help others care for their skin, help my friend’s new business (now a teenager), look great, feel amazing in my new flawless skin, and make some side cash. If you would like some more information about the products, would like to find out your personal skin care regime, or maybe you are interested in our Beauty Advisor program, please email me at or check out our website

Thank you for reading,

Dr. Jaime Brainerd, Ed.D.
*Disclaimer: I am a Beauty Society advisor, when you click on the links provided you will be directed back to my Beauty Society website where I do make a profit off the retail amount, however, there will be no extra charges to you. If you are interested in purchasing the products at a discount, you can sign up as an elite customer or advisor to save an extra 25% off everything, and 50% off our product of the month.

About the Author

Dr. Brainerd

Hello, I am Dr. Jaime Brainerd Ed.D., a lifelong learner, beauty consultant, author, financial specialist, artist, traveler, health enthusiast, and self care advocate. Please follow my website for my B.R.E.A.T.H.S. blogs.

5 thoughts on “Beauty Society Summer Glam Up: Lips

  1. You always give such detailed information in the products and I love the pictures. The only “makeup” I wear is lip gloss but the cake batter lip scrub sounds delicious! My granddaughter loves cake batter and this might be something she would be interested in! Thanks for the beauty glam up information for lips!

  2. I want to try their range of lip tints.I am a big fan of pretty lip tints and these look great. Are the liquid lipstick transfer proof?

    1. Hello Dr. Amrita, Thank you for your comment and question. I know the Nirvana lipsticks are matte and transfer proof. I believe the lip/cheek tint is as well. I do not think the Lip Glisten is though, they are really glossy and moist.

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