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Monday, August 23, 2021

In the IRS response letter to Global Alternative Learning Systems (G.A.L.S.) nonprofit paperwork, they asked: “What is/are the differences between your systems and the current systems where distance learning from schools to students already takes place or is used? Explain fully.”

The last two weeks G.A.L.S. went into detail about the ten municipal education systems we are going to create to support everyone in the community:

Municipal Education Programs:

  1. College Prep 
  2. Community Mentorship & Internship
  3. Disadvantaged and Homeless Support 
  4. Cultural Arts Education
  5. Financial Literacy Education
  6. Homeschool & Home Tutoring
  7. Military Education
  8. Mindfulness and Emotional Hygiene Education
  9. Indigenous Language Arts Education
  10. Outdoor Education

The main goal G.A.L.S. wants to accomplish is create a municipal education platform where students of any age can learn from anyone they choose at any time that works best for them to be successful, healthy, and happy. G.A.L.S. is going to accomplish this goal by working intimately with teachers, families, schools, community leaders, and organizations to provide educational assistance in the formal education system and also offer as an adjunct to the traditional school system in order to help all students succeed in school and prepare for a happy and healthy life. 

G.A.L.S. main function is an educational consulting firm who connects people in the community to help educate one another and promote trade skills. The ultimate goal G.A.L.S. wants to accomplish is connecting students, teachers, families, businesses, communities, and leaders across the globe through a variety of alternative learning systems. To support lifelong learning, help all students succeed in school, and prepare for a happy and healthy life, G.A.L.S. will ensure information and education is free and accessible to all. Families will have control over their education and have access to municipal education services for any age. G.A.L.S. will further give back to the community by supporting and educating our homeless. G.A.L.S. intends on paying for this goal with the help of fundraisers, donations, partnerships, grants, and community volunteers. G.A.L.S. will select people, groups, or organizations to help based on public need, regardless of their sex, race, ethnicity, or religion.

We are different from the systems in place because we offer education programs through our online platform that are not offered in schools. Each of our ten municipal education programs will have courses designed to support flexible days, times, and ages to make learning available to everyone, 24/7. G.A.L.S. will also collaborate with businesses, schools, community leaders, and other nonprofits to open up new avenues of learning and teaching. 

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