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Friday, August 6, 2021

Creating a Municipal Education System

In our organizing documents we detailed how Global Alternative Learning Systems (G.A.L.S.) main function will be to create a municipal education system that connects teachers, families, and communities to provide professional educational resources on a local and global level. The IRS (2021) claims that our statements are very broad, so I have realigned our main goal to be more specific. Knowing the main goal is the first step, will help drive the nonprofit business, and will allow us to start creating the website and the municipal education platform. 

G.A.L.S. Main Goal

The main goal for G.A.L.S. is to create a municipal education platform where students of any age can learn from anyone they choose at any time that works best for them to be successful, healthy, and happy.

Building the Municipal Education Platform

The online platform will create a community education space where people can access resources provided by community members, other nonprofits, and local organizations for the following Municipal Education Programs:

  1. College Prep – prepare for college
  2. Community Mentorship and Internship – big and small business mentors in the community work with K-12 students for observation (K-5) and internship (6-12) to build upon students’ intrinsic motivation by allowing them to choose different occupations to explore and try out within their local area
  3. Disadvantaged and Homeless Support – provide general education and job training skills.
  4. Cultural Arts – integrate a variety of community arts and crafts such as local music, woodwork, glass blowing, jewelry making, basket weaving, quilting, beadwork, dance, and martial arts
  5. Family Financial Planning – work with families to plan for financial future
  6. Homeschool & Home Tutoring – guide families in creating at home learning environment
  7. Military – offer insight into different military programs
  8. Mindfulness – educates the community about compassion, nonviolence, emotional hygiene, meditation, and love
  9. Native Languages – preserve, teach, and learn local native languages
  10. Outdoor Education – connecting local, state, and federal parks, gardens, trails, camping, shores, waterways, and nature preserves for community education on native plants and animals

G.A.L.S. Next Steps

Now that we have the main goal for the municipal education system, the next few days we will break down each program in detail for IRS (2021):

  1. Specific activities we will conduct
  2. Where the activities will be conducted
  3. When or how often the activities occur
  4. How the activities further our exempt purpose

G.A.L.S. Business Goal for August: Get Approved for 501c3

G.A.L.S. are going through the process of amending our IRS 1023 paperwork to be approved for 501c3 tax exempt status. Each day we will work closer to getting to our monthly goal. Thank you for reading and following along on our journey as our new nonprofit business unfolds. 


Jaime Brainerd, E.d.D.

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