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Tuesday, November 9, 2021

Welcome to my Reading Tuesday’s B.R.E.A.T.H.S. blog. I had planned on continuing my limitless reading journey today, but I have received another notice from the IRS regarding the status of my nonprofit paperwork that has shifted my focus. I will return to my regular B.R.E.A.T.H.S. blog when the paperwork is complete and our tax exempt status is accepted. Until then, I will be posting some updates, wordless days, and still planning on going LIVE at my art studio on two social media platforms, Facebook & Instagram, 11/11/2021, this Thursday 12:00 PST. Please follow me to see what I will be painting to add to my Autumn collection. 

You can see the shift from Phoenix to Portland

October 12, 2021 – Intuition is Calling

I was about a month and a half into driving around the United States for the third time in a year when I had a bunch of signs that I needed to shift plans. About 7am, I woke up in Phoenix, AZ, and my plan was to continue on to a list of National Parks as I just visited over 60 (average two a day), but my intuition was pulling my attention somewhere else. I opened my laptop, looked at my email and traveling mailbox for news from the IRS about my nonprofit paperwork, and did not find anything. I searched through my voicemails and still did not find any news, so I decided to give them a call and left a message. As I was waiting for them to return my call, I found an email from the University of Phoenix letting me know my Hawaii graduation was being put on hold. This information prompted me to call friends and family to notify them in order to make travel adjustments. 

IRS is calling

After I was off the phone with my family and friends, the IRS called me back. They were a little surprised to hear from me as they said they have been trying to reach me and were about to close my nonprofit paperwork. I was in shock. I asked them when they tried to reach me and how they could get me the information I needed to continue. They were polite and gave me a fax number to exchange paperwork quickly (the federal government does not trust email). They gave me a two week extension to get everything completed. I was relieved. I now had to get back to my home base in Oregon to focus on the paperwork and get my nonprofit off the ground. My travels to National Parks and Hawaiian graduation are on hold. 

Car Troubles #1

After being on the phone a couple hours with my laptop and electric cooler plugged in my car, my battery (2.5 years old) decided to take a dump, which was to be expected with the age and the inconsideration of all my electric plugs draining on the poor thing. I called AAA for the second time in a week to help me out. This time, it took them over two hours to arrive. Unbothered, I was thankful for the moderate weather in Phoenix. Plus, the extra time allowed me to plan my next moves. The first move, replacing the battery. 

Picture I took without realizing I just locked myself out of the car

Car Troubles #2

The previous week, AAA brought gas and helped me unlock my car while visiting Texas. That time, I got out of the car while it was running and low on gas, to snap a picture of the Waco Mammoth National Monument sign, and somehow locked myself out in the near 100 degree temperatures. Thankfully, I was able to walk to the visitor center for water, seating, shade, and bathroom. After an hour and a half wait, AAA arrived to unlock my car. During that wait time, I watched YouTube videos on how to program my keyless entry, which I have never done in the 11 years I have owned my car. I guess that was a positive shift from a negative experience.

Car Troubles #3

I decided I would drive from Phoenix, AZ, to Portland, OR, about 22 hours straight, and take a nap as long as I needed about halfway. After mapping the fastest route (through Nevada), I was on my way about 8pm. Somewhere along the way, I missed an exit, and ended up driving through California instead. I am not sure how much more time I added to my trip, but that definitely shifted me into exhaustion. 

About 5am, I decided it was time to pull over and nap. At about 8am, I woke up to the sound of air brakes and started back on my drive to homebase, which was still twelve hours away. When I was less than an hour away, my car hit something quite solid while cruising in the left lane of the I-5 freeway in Wilsonville, OR. My car quickly shifted into the right lanes and slowly crept to the side of the road. It was dark and rainy out, and all I could think about was my warm bed that was so close. I couldn’t see any damage, but I knew something was bad and drove the car off the nearest exit into a lighted parking lot. When I got out, I saw the left rear tire was blown. WOW. So many thoughts poured into my mind. I thanked my angels for saving me, again!

First, I was so happy to be unscathed, safe, and alive. Secondly, my tires were less than a month old, and if I had not replaced them, I probably wouldn’t be here now. Thirdly, since I was driving around the country, my intuition told me to buy the roadside tire warranty (which I have never done before), so that brand new tire was going to be easily replaced free to low cost. Fourthly, I called AAA (third time in a week, they are truly a blessing), they were there in ten minutes and finished helping me within a half hour of calling! The tow guy told me that four other cars were pulled over at the same place my car was damaged. Jeezo peezo, in spite of all the chaos and car troubles, I felt super lucky and blessed. I called the Oregon state highway patrol to report the road hazard and get a case number for insurance purposes. I was finally, safely on my way home. 

October 13 through November 18 – 2nd & 3rd IRS Notices

Once I returned back to homebase, I was able to focus on the second response from the IRS (first was in July). After a few weeks of making corrections, I resubmitted the paperwork. A few weeks later, I received my third notice from the IRS stating it was my final chance to get the paperwork correct or I will have to start over. For the last month, I have been searching online and visiting local libraries to research information on getting all my legal paperwork corrected so that we can move forward with building our business. Please send us prayers, positive energy, good vibes, and lots of love!

Thank you for reading,

Dr. Jaime Brainerd, E.d.D.

  • Dominique Walton Brooks
    Posted at 15:03h, 09 November Reply

    What an eventful trip! I am glad you are safely back home and good luck with your IRS paperwork!

  • Janet Miles
    Posted at 18:59h, 09 November Reply

    Wow. That almost sounds like the vacation from hell we were on one year when it took us 4 days to get from Huntington Beach, CA to San Francisco. The car had to be towed 3 times until finally in Fresno we dropped it off at a dealership and rented a car to go home. Glad you made it safely through all your experiences. Visiting from the Ultimate Blog Challenge.

    • Martha
      Posted at 01:43h, 10 November Reply

      OMG what sounds like the start of an awesome trip surely didn’t end up that way! I can’t imagine how frustrated you must be with the IRS and getting your paperwork in order. So glad you had AAA but more importantly, God was riding with you! Hugs and love from Lia and me.

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