Back to Business: Build 10 Programs in 10 Days – Day 6

Monday, August 16, 2021

G.A.L.S. Business Goal for August: Get Approved for 501c3

G.A.L.S. are halfway through August, going through the process of amending our IRS 1023 paperwork to be approved for 501c3 tax exempt status. Each day we will work closer to getting to our monthly goal. Last week, G.A.L.S. started building upon each of our ten municipal education systems, one for each day. Day 1 with our College Prep Program, Day 2 we reviewed our Community Mentorship and Internship Program (a totally new community education system), Day 3 was assisting our Disadvantaged and Homeless in general education and job training skills, Day 4 we created a Cultural Arts Education Program that links all talent in a community to help preserve the local arts, culture, and traditions, and Day 5, we started opening up the discussion around money and finances through a Financial Literacy Education Program. Today on Day 6, we will have a Homeschool and Home Tutoring Program to guide families in creating at home learning environments. 

G.A.L.S. Guiding Families With Creating Home Learning Environments

As we mentioned earlier, building our new community plan through municipal education is a way to connect everyone (anyone, any age, any time, any place) in the community with resources, education, and hands-on training by other members who specialize in different areas of business and trade. G.A.L.S. is an educational consulting team who will work with different communities by connecting, designing, building, partnering, and educating around local and global populations. Part of the online platform G.A.L.S. will include a space for assisting families with creating at home learning environments for homeschooling and tutoring. Our goal is to provide educational counseling to families at all levels of homeschooling, and connect teachers with families for tutoring services. G.A.L.S. will also be working closely with other education programs. 

G.A.L.S. Goal for Day 6 – Homeschool and Home Tutoring Program

Specific activities we will conduct – have space to assist families with creating at home learning environments for different levels of homeschooling and offer tutoring support services for those who require additional or specialized needs

Where the activities will be conducted – connecting through our online platform, communities will have educational counseling by our staff, and connecting with other schools and educational nonprofits, who will also plan for specific brick and mortar locations in the community to meet face to face

When or how often the activities occur – flexible dates and times will be created to support the community

How the activities further our exempt purpose – help in the advancement education 


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