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Friday, May 21, 2021

Welcome to my Travel Friday’s B.R.E.A.T.H.S. blog post. I’m starting my travel blogging with my tour of the United States National Parks© Services (NPS) Last week, I discussed The National Parks Passport Program and how I got started this year collecting the cancellation stamps at each of the different National Parks© Systems, about 420 locations across USA (including American Samoa, Guam, Puerto Rico, and & Virgin Islands). My very first cancellation stamp was acquired at Hot Springs National Park in Hot Springs, Arkansas. 

Picked Up My National Parks Passport Book
My First Cancellation Stamp

This was one of my favorite National Parks© I visited. I went on the Hot Springs National Park centennial anniversary and collected these glass jugs. There are two public natural hot springs fountains, one on each end of Bathhouse Row, where people can fill up their water containers. Glass or metal are recommended due to the natural spring water being too hot to handle, drink, or even bathe. 

Hot Springs National Park 100 Year Anniversary, 2021
My Love & Gratitude Hydroflask at the Public Thermal Fountain

There was only one working Bathhouse, Quapaw, with four bathing pools cooling the thermal waters to different temperatures appropriate for hot soaking. I tried to take a picture of the four pools inside, but cameras weren’t allowed for other’s privacy. However, I did manage to sneak in a couple shots when people weren’t looking (see video below). 

Quapaw Bathhouse Sign
Only Functioning Bathhouse

There seemed to be only one thermal hill with a row of eight bathhouses that lined one side of the road attached to the mountain. The Hot Springs National Park has public trails behind the bathhouses and one road that covers the entire mountain. You can hike or drive to the top where there is a mountain tower and amazing (almost 360) views of the city. I visited during the coldest month in history, so the skies were cloudy and gray, but the park was still beautiful and breathtaking. 

About Mountain Towers
Newly Designed Mountain Tower

This is my third straight week blogging and I have stretched myself each week learning new things like building a website, using different themes, uploading and sizing pictures in the first week. The second week, I started a YouTube channel and created my first two full length videos over four minutes with no edits or breaks (oh, that was tough but I had to start somewhere). This week, I stretched myself even further and created a movie using iMovie with a collage of pictures, videos, beginning and ending titles, and even background music (now I am a video pro, haha, just kidding)! Please check out my video below and provide some feedback in the comments on this page or on the YouTube page so that I can improve my videos each week. 

My First iMovie Creation

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Dr. Jaime Brainerd, Ed.D.

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4 thoughts on “Tour of Hot Springs National Park

  1. How exciting to have the National Parks Passport and mark off the parks visited. We have a lifetime National Park pass but haven’t heard of the Passport. Beautiful photos and I LOVE your iMovie! It ran perfect without any glitches! Now I have to check that out.

  2. Hey Dr. Jamie – this was great! I enjoyed your mix of video and still photos set to music. Looks like you had a great adventure. Wishing you many more as you fill up that passport! 🙂

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