Jaime in Hawaii in July: Soothing Self-Care Sunday in Hāwī, HI

Sunday, July 11, 2021

Hāwī Farmers Market

Hāwī Self-Care Sunday 

This last week and a half on The Big Island has been full of adventure and excitement, which comes with a lot of planning, driving, and unfortunately, some aching. I have been so happy and grateful for each and every day while visiting, whether I was touring each corner of the island all day or staying local for some relaxation and recuperation. For today, I booked an Ashiatsu massage at a parlor in Hāwī, HI, called Bliss. While I waited for my appointment to begin, I walked around the farmers market that I visited last week.

Dragon Fruit Lemonade (left) & Mango Lemonade (right)

Hāwī Farmers Market

There were more vendors this week at the farmers market than last week, which was super windy and damaged some goods. This week was sunny and warm with a nice light breeze. I checked out all the vendors and purchased some products from different people than last week. This week, I treated myself to Country Girl Lemonade. Two different kinds of Hawaiian lemonade that tantalized my taste buds, Mango and Dragonfruit, both in season and very delicious. From the same vendor, I purchased some homemade mango macadamia nut bread. I was so excited to try such exotic treats I have never tasted before. The next vendor was a sweet young lady who did art and crafting a variety of jewelry and fun items out of yarn. I purchased some cute handmade necklaces made out of clay, stone, and wood. For breakfast and before the massage, I enjoyed the dragon fruit lemonade and some mango bread. After the massage, I had to shower and change clothes, so I added my new wooden dolphin necklace in my second celebratory Hawaiian lemonade photo. For lunch, I enjoyed the mango lemonade with some leftover Kona Pizza Rolls. 

Rebecca Raven Woods at her massage parlor, Bliss

Hāwī Bliss Ashiatsu Massage

The name says it all, Bliss, gave a great Ashiatsu massage with a combination of using her feet, hands, and aromatherapy. When I entered Rebecca’s massage parlor, she had soothing sounding music, dim salt lamp lights, and fragrant essential oils filling the room. She offered me some homemade tea while I filled out paperwork. Before she started, she wanted to make sure I really wanted an Ashiatsu massage. I told her I have been driving every corner of The Big Island, and it was time to take a day off for some much needed self-care to soothe my tense muscles. Rebecca used her feet and hands to rub the knots and muscle tension out. She used the handle bars from the ceiling for my back, shoulders, and glutes, and a while sitting in a chair, she simultaneously used her hands and feet to rub my neck and shoulders. This deep tissue therapy felt amazingly great on my achy back, shoulders, and neck. My body is now in a pure state of bliss. 

Top two by Elijah Rabang, 2016 & Bottom two by 1Heart Hub, 2020

Hāwī Street Art

After my soothing massage, I continued my stroll through the small town of Hāwī, HI, snapping pictures of flowers and street art. There were so many different paintings in one little block of the downtown area, I wish I could fit them all. This place is so full of spirit, beauty, and culture, I just love this blissful time with Jaime in Hawaii in July. 

About the Local Artists

I found a great 2018 article on the young Kohala artist , Elijah Rabang, who created the top two whale paintings on a wall in Hāwī, HI . To find out more in-depth history about the two bottom paintings by 1Heart Hub, please see their YouTube videos: “Communitree” (top, with two trees), and “The Three Heiau, Pahu and the Law of the Splintered Paddle.”(bottom, Kohala Mountain and sacred temples). There are several other videos that 1Heart Hub have that show the story behind all the murals at Kohala Village Hub in Hāwī, HI.

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Dr. Jaime Brainerd, Ed.D.

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