Jaime in Hawaii in July: Way Out on the West Side of The Big Island

Monday, July 12, 2021

Lapakahi State Historical Park

Starting my day at the Northwest tip of The Big Island, I made my way West to different state parks and beaches. My first stop was Lapakahi State Historical Park, an ancient Hawaiian fishing village that shows some tradition, culture, and history of the people who once settled here in North Kohala. It was a beautiful day with gorgeous views of sky, sea, and land. 

Hāpuna Beach State Park

My second stop on the West side, Hāpuna Beach State Park, which was very popular and pretty packed. I can see why this was such a nice spot. There was lots of space for families to come picnic, play in the soft sand, jump off cliffs, snorkel with sea turtles, shower off after surfing, sleep in a hammock, fly a kite, take a picture with a graduation cap, you name it, I saw it here on this sunny afternoon at Hāpuna Beach. This has definitely been a beach’n time for Jaime in Hawaii in July.

Maka’eo Walking Path at Kailua Beach

My third and final stop on the West side was at Kailua Beach. Unfortunately, the rain clouds came in and caused a light drizzle, and the beach was fairly large but not as packed as the last beach. Next to the Kailua beach is an amazing botanical garden along Maka’eo Walking Path. I snapped so many pictures of colorful flowers, trees, cactus, and succulents, it was difficult for me to choose, but I shared my favorite ones. The West side of The Big Island is so rich in history, culture, and natural beauty, I am so happy and grateful to the state and national parks for preserving these things for future generations to come. 

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