Jaime in Hawaii in July: Navigating the Northern Side of The Big Island

Thursday, July 8, 2021

Me in lucky cap and shirt next to Hawaiian wooden art figure

Today was a combination of self-care and car care, so I wore my graduation cap with my lucky green t-shirt, I am crossing my fingers, and praying everything will work out for the best with the car. After all the driving yesterday down the Eastern side of the Big Island, I hovered around the northern side close to where I was staying so that I could get an estimate on the wind damage to the car door during my visit to the volcanoes. Of course I turned it into a touring day, although it is not one of my most adventurous days here on the island, I did grab a couple pictures to share my experiences. The rest of the time, I enjoyed some relaxation, recuperation, and meeting new friends. 

Kapa’a Beach (top) and Māhukona Beach (bottom)

Navigating the Northern Side of the The Big Island

Mapping out my locations ahead of time was one of the best planning strategies I could have done. I didn’t have reception along most of the drive, so I resorted back to my hand drawn maps that saved my life (some of the roads were not paved and scattered with deep potholes). I was able to scope out spectacular swimming spots, most unknown to the general public. Later in the evening, I had dinner at Seafood Bar & Grill restaurant in Waimea, HI, and met some amazing locals (Grandpa Gordo, and Manuel & Company), who are now great new friends. I am so happy an grateful for yet another amazing day with Jaime in Hawaii in July.

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