Jaime in Hawaii in July: Self-Care Sunday & Neighborly BBQ

Sunday, July 18, 2021

Me at Kapolei Golf Club

Two self-care days in a row during my first weekend here on the island of Oahu. My body spoke, I listened when I tried to just enjoy a relaxing day at the beach, my EDS knees were not even hearing that. They ached and gave out just by standing, giving me all the reason to stay back and rest them at the house for one more day so that I can save up some energy for touring the rest of my trip with Jaime in Hawaii in July. So today, I just rested my legs, soaked them in epsom salt, and let them fully recuperate for my adventures planned with Go City Oahu three days this next week. While sitting outside watching golf carts zoom by on the Kapolei Golf Course (a stop on the 2021 LPGA Lotte Championship Tour), the friendly neighbor peeked their head over the fence inviting us to a BBQ for the evening. I had such a great time and snagged one quick picture with my graduation cap before my fourth sunset here on Oahu. 

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