Jaime in Hawaii in July: Oahu Nightlife

Sunday, July 25, 2021

Whiskey Dix Saloon, Aiea, HI

On Wednesday and Friday Nights, we visited Whiskey Dix Saloon for some country music and line dancing at an upstairs bar. On Wednesday nights at 7pm, the saloon has two hours of line dancing instructions. After 9pm to 12am they play a variety of country songs to swing your partner to. On the Friday night we went, there was live music starting at 7pm, and from 9pm to 11:30pm they played a mixture of country songs to dance to. They also have a BBQ restaurant downstairs called Dixie Grill. Although I didn’t bring my cowgirl hat, I wore my patriotic dress and graduation cap to snap a couple pictures with the art hanging in the bar. 

The Beach House Aloha Tower, Honolulu, HI

For our Saturday night out after the sandbar, we headed to Honolulu to a new place that used to be a country music bar called, Nashville’s, which is now called, The Beach House at Aloha Tower 1. Doors opened at 6pm on Saturday, we found a nice table, ordered food and drinks, and snapped a few pics in my graduation cap. There was a huge party there before us that ordered a large amount of food, and with only one worker in the kitchen, our food took over an hour to receive. At 7pm, they had two local comedians on for about ten minutes each. After the comedy show, a DJ started to spin 70’s music, which brought out the huge crowd to the small dance floor. Some older gentlemen were breakdancing to funk and the ladies were disco dancing. As the night progressed, the DJ started playing 80’s and 90’s music which got our table up and dancing. We had a great time checking out different Oahu nightlife with Jaime in Hawaii in July. 

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