Jaime in Hawaii in July: Friendly Farmers Market

Sunday, July 4, 2021

Hawaiian Flowers

Fabulous Flora

I am so happy and grateful for another amazing day on The Big Island of Hawai’i. In the morning, I went on a walk to capture some dew on the flowers. After snapping a few pictures, I noticed people setting up for a farmers market, so I walked quickly back to my room to freshen up, then explore. In the evening, I went on another walk and captured some flowers basking in the sunset and ready to close up for the night. 

Kohala Farmers Market

Kohala Farmers Market

After a full day of exploring volcanoes yesterday, I decided to take a day of rest and recuperation for self-care purposes. Of course, I ventured outside to visit the local Kohala farmers market, and I found some great craftsmanship, fresh produce, honey bee products, organic snacks, a variety of exotic plants, and some Hawai’ian bands playing a mixture of musical tunes. 

Me in my cap enjoying fresh coconut water and items from market

Friendly Farmers Market

The farmers market was quite small, but I was able to talk with each of the vendors who were very friendly and helpful. They all had unique products and services I could only get here on the island. After some conversations about their products, I picked out a few plants, some candles, honey, and a newly opened coconut so I could drink straight from the source! Yet another awesome way for Jaime to experience Hawai’i in July! 

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