Jaime in Hawaii in July: Happy Day in Honolulu

Wednesday, July 28, 2021

Aloha Stadium Swap Meet

My friends and I headed to Honolulu for the day since there is the best swap meet at Aloha Stadium on Wednesdays, Saturdays, and Sundays. This is where I always stop to collect all my Hawaiian shirts, dresses, and chachki gifts. There are several vendors set up around the outside of the stadium selling some unique Hawaiian homemade foods, wooden crafts, bags, towels, hats, shoes, and pretty much anything you can think of. A lot of the vendors will have the exact same items with a little bit different prices. If I can’t find the shirt in the size I want at one place, another vendor will probably have the size I need. I bought a couple dresses, shirts, and a crop tank I wore later to dinner and dancing. 

Workplay, Honolulu, HI

There’s a newer restaurant, bar, and live music venue in Honolulu my friends wanted to check out called, Workplay. This place serves delicious Mexican food, beer, cocktails, and has live music outside during daylight on the front patio, and when the sun goes down, there is a stage in the back for bands to play music. The Happy Hour is from 4pm to 6pm daily with some drink and food specials and a music artist. During that time we ordered a pitcher of beer, chicken and pork street tacos, a few cocktails (not on happy hour) and sang along with a a couple of our favorite songs. After happy hour, we ordered their Birria Taco which was amazing, took some pictures in my graduation cap, and we started dancing to the live band playing in the back. They were projected onto large screens for the front patio to see. This place was super fun, had a great atmosphere, awesome food, and the live music was a real treat to sing and dance to. The only things that were not so good for me were the amount of cigar smokers there and finding close parking is extremely tricky. We parked in a garage that was caddy corner in the alley from Workplay to avoid driving around looking for spots or walking too far, and we didn’t check the price before parking. It cost over $40 to get the car out of the parking garage the next day. Next time, we will look for better spots and prices ahead of time. Aside from those minor things, we really enjoyed celebrating my last Wednesday with Jaime in Hawaii in July. 

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