Jaime in Hawaii in July: Go City Oahu Day 2-Kualoa, Kailua, & Waikiki

Tuesday, July 20, 2021

Kualoa Secret Island & Manoa Chocolate Factory in Kailua

Today was our second Go City Oahu Day packed with adventures. We started out early in the morning headed to Kualoa Ranch where we were excited for our second Secret Island adventure. We first did this Go City Oahu back in December of 2018, and things were not as popular back then. When we went to the Secret Island last time, we were two of four people total on the island. They have over a dozen beach activities to choose from and we had the chance to try them all on a gorgeous sunny day. That wasn’t the case this time. We started out driving through rain and saw dark thick rain clouds hovering over Kualoa Ranch when we arrived. There was also a long line of people waiting to get to the Secret Island. After we checked in, the rain clouds separated and we made our way on a boat to get to the island. We were able to find some beach chairs, but all the activities were occupied. We relaxed for about an hour and then went for a ride in the canoe to the sandbar. After a few hours on the Secret Island, we made our way to Kailua beach where we had lunch and took a nap waiting for our next tour of the Manoa Chocolate Factory. We had a quick tour of the factory, bought some gelato for a nice cold snack, and made our way to pick up dinner before our sunset cruise. 

Waikiki Sunset Sailing with Makani Catamaran

Last time we did Go City Oahu, we had a sunset dinner cruise with Makani Catamaran around Waikiki Beach in Honolulu, Hawaii. We really had a great time, so we booked it again, this time it was drinks with a sunset sail. We took a bunch of pictures with my cap, snapped some great pictures of our boat rides and tours, and was able to watch my sixth sunset in a row in Oahu. Yet another amazing day celebrating Jaime in Hawaii in July. 

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