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Thursday, May 6, 2021

Join Jaime’s Artistic Journey

Welcome to Art Thursdays! This is my fourth blog post explaining what I will be authoring each day to pass on my words of wisdom or my B.R.E.A.T.H.S. from the seven areas I love the most: beauty, reading, education (financial), art, travel, health, and self care. Each day of the week starting with Mondays I will post a blog on the assigned topic.

This is my first Thursday Art post, I will explain why this topic is so important for me to share. Art is one of the best ways to relieve oneself from everyday struggles through creative expression. Art for me is calming, meditative, joyful, inspiring, lovely, and awesome. To me, there is art in everything because art is what we create, and we create everything from our thoughts and dreams into physical reality. I see art in all my B.R.E.A.T.H.S.: there’s art in beauty, art to reading, art that teaches, art you can only see when you travel, our bodies are beautiful pieces of art we are still exploring, and self love radiates art from our souls. 

For this art space on Thursdays, I will leave this blog open for my artistic and creative exploration. My posts will reflect art I have created throughout my life from early drawings, poetry in my teens, start to painting with watercolors in my twenties, advancing to acrylic in my thirties, playing with mixed media in my forties, having fun writing music parodies and a few original songs, brainstorming some apparel/fashion design ideas I want to start, and incorporating some interactive live painting sessions with me at least once a month! 

Today’s open art space is for a poster (featured photo) and poem (below) I wrote when I was twelve as a young environmentalist showing my concern for our butterflies. Just in time for Spring, I thought this would be the most appropriate post to start off my artistic journey with one of my first pieces. The poster is my first mixed media piece: construction paper, card stock, pipe cleaner, tape, pencil, crayon, and colored marker. The cardstock butterfly is taped to the background art giving it a three dimensional form (difficult to see in two dimensional photo).

Protect Our Butterflies

Poem by Jaime Brainerd, 12yrs old

“Butterflies, butterflies in the skies,

Fluttering happily before my eyes.

They bring me happiness, they bring me joy.

They are the nature that fly in the blue, 

Protecting the butterflies for this is true.

Thank you for reading this,
Dr. Jaime Brainerd, Ed.D.

About the Author

Dr. Brainerd

Hello, I am Dr. Jaime Brainerd Ed.D., a lifelong learner, beauty consultant, author, financial specialist, artist, traveler, health enthusiast, and self care advocate. Please follow my website for my B.R.E.A.T.H.S. blogs.

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  1. I love your art work and poem! My G-granddaughter loves butterflies, she raised Painted Ladies last year and released them in her garden. This year she has 2 butterfly gardens and she just built a butterfly house and planted milkweed for the Monarch butterflies!

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